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Motherhood gifts us with the art of storytelling!

Being selfless for a lifetime, never missing a single meal, constantly teaching and learning and yet all we relish in return is a huge bear hug and those simple words – I love you mom!

Yes, having written so much around motherhood previously, how could I miss an opportunity on “Mother’s Day”! Right now, I’m counting 4 blessings – My favourite teacher, my son Shlok; my truest pillar of strength, my Mom; the love that I could get from both my (late) grandmothers and the motherhood that my (late) ‘mother-in-law’ showered on me.

All these women, and my son, have played brilliant roles in helping me stay strong, each day. All of them weathered innumerable storms and yet I always saw them smiling and sharing the best stories ever. All they wanted to do, was keep laughing, sharing those funny moments from some family trip or cook up a storm and feed anybody who was ready to eat.

So, what is it really about motherhood that changes us or makes us better or just sparks that hidden talent within all of us!

Personally, I think – it makes us stronger and practical enough to realise life is beyond problems and issues, and raise your child with immense sunshine and happiness. This in a way also contributes in making us the great storytellers that we are. From those bedtime stories, to the tooth fairy to creating positive distractions everytime there is a vaccination round or a simple injury – we mothers are ready with our pom-poms and a story at the drop of a hat.

This I feel has helped me become a better communicator. Just the way I look at curating stories, has changed. It’s all about a new perspective, which my son bought to light, for me. You know how we often re-live our childhood through our kids, exactly like that – it was like a reboot for me to reimagine storytelling in a different style everytime. Kids forgive so easily, smile at everybody and are absolutely curious to make friends or explore new places and games. These childlike values worked brilliantly when I applied it professionally as a communicator. Try it and see!

Motherhood brings the super-power of staying positive, because every small illness or a bad exam result, shouldn’t really shatter you. Keep trying, keep practicing, you will eventually get better – this is what kids teach us – and exactly the thing we need to constantly keep evolving as great storytellers.

Sudha Murthy. J.K Rowling. Meghna Gulzar. These are some names that jump up the minute I think of “mothers as great storytellers”! Life is not easy and motherhood is no rosy journey. But the ability to craft stories each day, just gives enough power to live each day.

Get excited! Draw inspiration from your children – as I do from my son Shlok – live of the determination of your mothers and grandmothers, then see how life brings on a new meaning each day and sharpens you for a better future. As a communicator, never stop learning, especially from people and situations around you. Soak in the diversity that each day brings in for all mothers, because that’s what keeps us motivated to do better and think out of the box!

These simple tricks in the book, have worked wonders for me, I mean there are more and it’s a long list. But, sometimes should respect brevity and that day is today. My only preciousness is to have memories and sounds of the words – I love you mom!

Pooja Trehan

Co-Founder, PRPOI

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