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PR professionals on the Twitterati was abuzz on the chat hosted by Pooja Trehan & curated by Tarunjeet and Sonali Sokhal along with participation from panelists Preeti Binoy, Sourav Das, Navin Nair, Vinod Reddy and Sayesha Arora. We took up Sustainable PR in digital era and expressed our views on various questions raised by the PRPOI team.

The chat delved into various aspects such as the troll army making sustainable PR difficult, best practices to deal with troll armies, sustainability PR in Indian context, measuring PR campaigns in sustainability, employee engagement and sustainability, best communication tools & platforms that talk about sustainability, up-skilling PR professionals in digital era and sustainable campaigns in Covid times.

Sharing some interesting tweets from the chat, which could sumamrise as brilliant takeaways.

Preeti Binoy, Kimberly Clarksaid “Digital Transformation allows you to explore the opportunities to further drive sustainability. The power of technology can help companies become more successful”.

Sourav Das of Sembcorp, also known as Ogyani on Twitter, expressed, “I am an ardent believer that PR can play a more active role in building trust and bringing about change in midst of this digital transformation”.

In Addition Navin Nair said, “PR is often maligned as a source of white / green- wash. But yes it has certainly made the practice of PR more transparent.” It was nice to see twitterati add their thoughts, when Mou Chakravarty said, “To me sustainability unfolds multiple critical issues from environmental, health, societal and diverse views coming together. It’s time for PR to have a 360-degree view to all these, especially when  issues are also leading to bigger boardroom agendas”. 

Founder PRPOI, Tarunjeet Rattan, aptly shared, “The consumer is equally aware of the need for sustainable practices. The brands need to up their game and create businesses that actually believe in it.” Panelist Sayesha Arora elaborated wonderfully, as she said, “With more and more brands warming up to the idea of #Sustainability and understanding its importance beyond mere brand communication; it effects the overall brand perception. Hence, it can be said that this is here to stay, rather strengthen”.

Absolutely resonated with Vinod’s tweet, saying, “The pandemic has shown us the importance of it as it has the customer. The consumer now is more aware and conscious and willing to act on the information they have at hand about the brand”. 

My thoughts were of the view that, “PR is always what I call an intangible benefit, a MARCOM guy understands this better than anyone. The numbers are merely to make the client or boss happy but a true professional will know how to reap rewards in the long-run. He knows PR is not parallel to advertising but is a sustainable model”.

It was commendable to see that the #TwitterChat was immensely enjoyable, not ‘noisy’ by social media levels and was indeed all about sharing knowledge. Hats-off to Team PRPOI for curating a stress-buster format, making it an innovative platform to converse, minus the noise, in a world which has been silenced by the pandemic!

Raghavendra Rao,

Brand Evangelist & PRPOI Panelist

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