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From One-Off Fixer to Trusted Advisor: Building Lasting Influence for PR

Many PR professionals dream of having a seat at the board table. It signifies a level of influence, an opportunity to shape strategy, and a chance to truly make a difference for the organization. But securing that coveted seat is just the first step. The real challenge lies in proving your worth and solidifying your position as a trusted advisor and strategic partner at the table, not just a purveyor of press releases.

In this blog I have attempted to delve into the evolving landscape of PR and help equip us, the PR professionals, with the essential skills and strategies to not only earn your place at the table but to thrive in this dynamic environment.

The world of PR has undergone a paradigm shift. Gone are the days when press releases reigned supreme. The digital revolution has blurred the lines between traditional PR, marketing, and advertising. Today’s consumers are bombarded with information on a multitude of channels. To stay relevant, PR professionals must acknowledge this fundamental change and embrace a more comprehensive skillset.

Here’s how to bridge the gap:

  • Embrace the Digital Landscape: Acknowledge that past tactics won’t guarantee future success. Continuously develop your knowledge in areas like SEO, content marketing, and social media. Hone your ability to identify and leverage the right digital channels to reach your target audience.
  • Reclaim Your Seat at the Table: Don’t wait for an invitation. Showcase your digital expertise and demonstrate how your skills can propel the organization forward. Present strategic PR plans that integrate seamlessly with digital initiatives, contributing to overall marketing goals.
  • Break Down Silos: Collaboration is key. Partner with marketing and digital media colleagues. Foster open communication and knowledge-sharing sessions to develop comprehensive communication strategies that leverage the strengths of each discipline.

Having a seat at the table comes with responsibilities, and the pressure to deliver is high. Here’s how to ensure your contributions add significant value to the boardroom discussions:

  • Become a Strategic Thinker: Move beyond a tactical focus on press releases. Understand the C-suite’s priorities and tailor your PR strategy to align with them. Demonstrate how PR efforts contribute to business goals, like increasing brand awareness, driving customer engagement, or mitigating reputational risks.
  • Speak the Language of Business: Gone are the days of flowery press releases. Learn the language of business and finance. Gain proficiency in metrics and data analysis. Use data to showcase the effectiveness of your PR efforts and their impact on the bottom line.
  • Think Outside the Boardroom: Don’t be a passive participant. Stay informed about industry trends, competitor strategies, and consumer behavior. Share your insights with the leadership team, demonstrating your ability to anticipate future challenges and identify new opportunities.

The communication landscape is constantly evolving, and PR professionals need to adapt to stay ahead of the curve. To thrive in the dynamic world of communications, PR professionals must cultivate a strategic skillset that resonates with boardroom priorities. This includes becoming tech-savvy to leverage emerging technologies for impactful campaigns – familiarity with digital transformation, artificial intelligence, and the metaverse will become increasingly important. Understand how these advancements can be leveraged for more effective communication strategies. It is important to be tech-savvy and take data driven decisions. Being able to speak the language of data is crucial. Mastering KPIs, ROI measurement tools, and data analysis will be essential for demonstrating your effectiveness. Back up your recommendations with data-driven insights that guide strategic decision-making and integrating social responsibility into messaging to align with consumer values. Additionally, fostering diversity and inclusion in communication strategies through cultural sensitivity and representative content is paramount. Finally, with the rise of the hybrid work model, advocating for internal communication strategies that empower teams and ensure seamless knowledge sharing across locations is critical for success.

Simply having a seat at the table isn’t enough. To truly make a difference, you need to actively contribute to the conversation. In today’s digital age, information is readily available. Don’t just share what everyone can find online. Focus on providing unique insights and fresh perspectives. Analyze the existing information and present it in a way that highlights its strategic implications for the organization. Its critical to facilitate conversations, actively listen and encourage open dialogue. Don’t be afraid to challenge ideas and spark constructive discussions.

By continuously learning, becoming strategic partners, and actively contributing to the conversation, let’s secure PR’s place at the decision-making table. Together, through this commitment to growth and collaboration, we can ensure PR’s voice is heard as a driving force for success within every organization. 

AVP Corporate Communications,
DS Group & Co-Originator – CommsAdda 

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