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‘49 TOUCH-POINT Playbook’©

Proprietary planning framework launched by integrated Communications Consultancy Tute Consult 

A comprehensive model aimed to ease planning for agencies and clients to be future-ready

Mumbai, 10 March 2023:- Integrated Communications consultancy Tute Consult launches their proprietary planning framework – ’49 Touch Point playbook’©. Aimed to ease planning including all aspects of integrated communications and POEM’s (paid, owned, and earned media vehicles), this framework will be an open-source, free-to-use tool for agencies and clients. This initiative is supported by PRPOI, India’s largest PR community dedicated to upskilling.

The Playbook is a detailed chart where one can create a communication roadmap by slotting key messaging statements, strategy, approach, and tools to accomplish the desired communication objective and timelines for tasks. A global first, this literary model already in practice with existing clients has fetched encouraging reviews and testimonies for helping save time, making processes seamless, and enabling agility.

Keeping with the ethos of being future ready, understanding the ongoing shift from ‘press’ and ‘storytelling’ to the evolution of integrated and expansive communication through a digital medium, the founding team developed the framework after extensive research for over 2 years.

Komal LathKomal Lath, Founder, Tute Consult says : “In an industry like ours that is founded on the premise of always-on conversation, the perspectives, the planning and the pace of storytelling today need constant reinvention. At a time like this, an all encompassing framework only enables better productivity. This is not only for the senior professionals but also and more importantly for the new generation of communication professionals who often grapple with settlement, initially. Our 49 TOUCH-POINT Playbook’© will help them grasp quicker, adapt better and learn faster.

 “With new strides in technology and changing ways of communication, we are excited to have found an agency partner that is ahead of the curve and eases strategic communication via their approach. They have been working with us using their proprietary model over the last one year and we have seen results that are qualitative and committed. With this framework, I am sure all teams using it will save time and create engaging content that hits home. All the best to Tute and Komal as they take their innovative methodology forward!” Shruti Shibulal – CEO & Director, Tamara Leisure Experiences

“I am delighted to see Tute’s 49 touchpoint model and like any other strategy framework this will tremendously help in understanding and executing different types of PR activities along with multiple other marketing communication activities. This will help in integrating PR with advertising and other forms of brand communication. In a world where clients deal with a variety of creative and strategic partner agencies, such a tool strengthens the integrated focus and eases the coordination. I would like to congratulate Tute for being the first to launch this and I can’t wait to use it in my classes” Prof. Falguni Vasavada – Professor, MICA (Mudra Institute of Communications Ahmedabad)

“ The digital age has brought with it changes in how we do business and the need to reimagine how PR as a practice can be executed. In order to meet these challenges we have seen a shift in thinking and methodology, leading to more agility and speed in strategy development and execution across various communication functions. The good news is that all this has created an opportunity for those of us who know better, to help others see; invest in and embrace change. Tute’s new model is a step in the right direction that will consolidate client/agency formats across all channels and make strategic plans that were easy to understand and implement with much-needed standardisation. With this new tool PR teams will become more efficient and agile as they spend less hours creating bespoke plans for brands without getting lost in the realms of excel sheets and ppts. I am looking forward to the introduction of this format across the industry.” – Tarunjeet Rattan, Founder – PRPOI and Managing Partner – Nucleus PR

To download the PR playbook click on this link:

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