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    Essentials to build a career, with fundamentals as a PR professional

    Last week I had an excellent chat with good folks at PRPOI.  Over sixteen years of working and transitioning from a communications professional to a Sales and Marketing person. If you ask me if I could do it all over again, would I do it the same way, I’d tell you mostly yes. Mostly because I would just learn the lessons quicker (don’t we all wish the same), work harder but yes, I would do it the same way. Here are the ten lessons learnt that I penned down during the week. These are the things I learnt from some amazing people I got to work with, some people who…

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    Mutual respect can lead to better stories

    The new normal. Oh, how I hate that term. There is nothing normal about it. But whatever it is, we have learnt – or at least, are trying to learn – to navigate our way through it. There is chaos, but like our wise friends at Public Relations Professionals of India (PRPOI) believe, where there is chaos, there is innovation. A few days ago, I was invited by PRPOI to participate in a panel discussion on how journalists and PR professionals can come together to bring a more coherent voice to the changing scenario. How we, as independent journalists, are trying to innovate and bring newer nuances to our work.…

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    Podcasting and PR

    6 things PR professionals must keep in mind while pitching to podcasts Podcast. The new buzz word in town. A medium that is being adopted by every influencer and leader today. Business owners, entrepreneurs, chefs, singers, teachers, youtubers, bloggers, actors and people from various other fields including you and me are the reason why this medium is growing at a rapid pace of 58% every year. Though not as popular as mainstream mediums like video or newspapers in India today, it is fast catching up and ranks as number 3 in the world as the preferred medium of media consumption. I strongly believe it is here to stay and will…

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    Building a team geared towards growth

    “The new normal”, are probably the three most despicable words in the last couple of months. But reality check tells us that the world we knew, is not going to be the same place anymore. The planet after this long-holiday will be coming out in a new avatar. And this is the sign for all of us to evaluate and plan a better future for building our teams. Collaborate to contribute better and let your teams know that this too shall pass! Keep it Simple Silly Yes, go back to the basics. Stay connected, talk often, understand their personal circumstances and maybe time to instil little more empathy across the…

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    Influencer Marketing: The Way Forward

    As the world changes and moves to even more digital formats, one of the greatest pivots we have witnessed in these times has been the rise and rise of Influencer Marketing. As traditional media options shrink, Influencer Marketing and Outreach is gathering strength. In this new fragmented universe, where we all notice media and individuals vie for eyeballs, what is the future of Influencer marketing? Will it be the new way brands communicate with consumers? How will the Public Relations Industry navigate it? These were some of the questions raised in the PRPOI Live discussion on the subject of Influencer Marketing. Witnessing participation from Pankhuri Harikrishnan, Founder Fetch Consulting, Jia…

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    Why PRPOI?

    CFO to CEO: What happens if we invest in developing our people and then they leave us? CEO: What happens if we don’t and they stay? Best. ROI. Ever. As a professional, I was always keen on upskilling myself and learning about the next new thing. As a self-proclaimed one-woman army, it pretty much served my purpose. I was willing to share my knowledge to people who asked but it didn’t really matter to me whether they actually implemented it or not. This worked fine till I started my own company. The first couple of years were very tough for me as I had to unlearn my old way of…